Ceremonies by Alison


I am committed to developing a creative, individualized ceremony that celebrates your one-of-a-kind relationship and fits your personalities and needs.  I have been performing weddings since 2002 as a legal officiant through the Universal Life Church, and strongly believe in marriage for all: gay, straight, young and old.  I hold double degrees in English Literature and Anthropology, and when I’m not performing weddings, I’m a ballroom dance teacher, fitness instructor, wife of 13 years, and mother of two sons: a 4 year old and a 1 year old.  The unique ceremonies I designed have included rituals from Asia, Africa, Ireland, Central America, North America and India, readings from great writers, thinkers, theologians and poets, a generous measure of humor, and the involvement of close friends and family.  Each wedding was tailored both to the place and to the individuals for whom I wrote the ceremony. My intention is to create rituals that capture the particular beauty and originality of your relationship.


Do you want to create a ceremony that is unique to your relationship, drawing together your family and friends in a way that uplifts without being traditionally religious?

Are you looking for a minister with whom you can bond, who will not dictate a format but will listen to your ideas with respect and awareness? If so, please read on...

Your Unique Wedding



Akiko Nabeshima

Photo: Sun and Life Photography